Policies & Procedures

Protection of Minors

UAA Athletics places great emphasis on health, safety and wellness of our student-athletes. As an extension of that value, the coaches and staff who facilitate UAA sports camps are all required to complete Praesidium Guardian training. This is done to insure that all who have contact with minors in our camps and clinics are knowledgeable about how to insure that appropriate boundaries and precautions are established and monitored.  UAA Athletics is committed to providing a safe environment, free from any type of bullying or abuse, for all minors participating in UAA camps and clinics. UAA Athletics has a ZERO tolerance for any verbally, physically or sexually abusive behavior.

UAA camp physical contact policy promotes a positive, nurturing environment while protecting youth. UAA camp staff encourages appropriate physical contact with youth and prohibits inappropriate displays of physical contact.  Any inappropriate physical contact by staff towards campers will result in disciplinary action or removal from involvement in camp. Any inappropriate physical contact by a camper towards another camper may result in removal from involvement in camp.

Example of Appropriate Physical Contact Defined:

  • Side Hugs Should to shoulder hugs
  • Pats on shoulder or back
  • Hand-shakes/ High Fives/Hand Slapping
  • Verbal Praise
  • Pats on head when culturally appropriate
  • Touching hands, shoulders, arm
  • Arms around shoulders
  • Holding hands when escorting young children


Examples of Inappropriate Physical Contact Defined:

  • Full-frontal hugs
  • Kisses
  • Showing affection in isolated areas
  • Lap sitting
  • Wrestling
  • Piggyback Rides
  • Tickling
  • Allowing a child to cling to an employee’s leg
  • Any type of massage given by or to a youth
  • Any form of affection that is unwanted by the youth or staff
  • Compliments relating to the physique or body development
  • Touching bottom, chest or genital areas


Please IMMEDIATELY report any concerns to the coaching staff members who are running your camp or to the UAA Athletic Administration (Staff Directory Available on GoSeawolves.com



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